3 Best Hacks for Getting Flowers to Your Event

You’ve done all of the hard work and now you’re playing floral tetris trying to cram your beautiful work into a car trunk. Before the tears and flower rage kicks in, try o out these pro tricks.


3. Bungee cords. You might have to do a little searching but most vehicles these days come equipped with metal hooks sprinkled about. Cars usually have booster seat hooks between the seats. Vans and SUVs that have foldable or removable seating often also have hooks on the sides of the vehicle walls. These are perfect places to use bungee cords to tie down large arrangements or buckets securely while you drive. 


2. Flower box stacking. We’re huge fans of recycling for environmental reasons but there are also so many ways to reuse these boxes for transport before doing that. The thick, sturdy cardboard that keeps your flowers safe during delivery will also be great for stacking if you have low arrangements, flower crowns, or items you’re keeping out of water for the ride. Simply lay everything inside the box, cover it and stack another layer on top. 

1. DIY Box Vase Holders. This is by far the most clutch move. Real florists will definitely give you a nod of respect for this one. Close your Sami Sacha flower box. Carefully use an exacto knife to cut an “X” shape roughly to the size of your vase’s footprint onto the top or the bottom of the box. Gently (keyword) push your vase through. That baby will not be moving an inch during the ride. Depending on your vase sizes, you could fit as many as 4 arrangements in one box and easily carry them into your venue this way.




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