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Care & Handling Guide

Beautiful and unabashed, the chrysanthemum makes a statement in any display! Commonly referred to as a mum, it is named after its traditional color, chrys meaning gold and anthemom meaning flower in Greek. Today the large blooms come in a variety of hues such as rich purples, rust orange, bright white, chartreuse, and many more. With such an abundance of petals that unfurl in different patterns, this flower creates volume and will add texture to your next design.


  1. Unpack:  When your fresh flowers arrive at your door remove the protective covering that has been placed around the blooms for shipping. Please recycle any packaging depending on regulations in your area. The stems usually have a bend and can get tangled up easily, carefully separate each flower from the bunch. 
  2. Trim and Hydrate: Using sharp scissors or clippers snip at least an inch off of each stem, be sure to trim at an angle to encourage maximum hydration. Place the trimmed stems in tepid water right away and give them some time to drink it in.  
  3. Stem Preparation: The long stiff stems of the mum are adorned with hardy intricate leaves. Be sure to remove any leaves that might fall below the water line in your vase, this will help to keep the water as fresh as possible and make your job easier!  
  4. Wait and Watch: t is a good idea to let any fresh-cut flowers hydrate for several hours or even overnight. This will encourage a sturdier stem and a longer vase life.
  5. Arrange and Maintain: Now is the time to have some fun! Whether you plan to keep it simple by letting the blooms stand alone or are incorporating them into a floral design, just give each stem a fresh snip, remember to cut at any angle! Place the arrangement in cool fresh water and enjoy! It is important to keep the water clean and clear to extend the vase life of any flower. Changing it every day or two is a good idea and while you’re at it, a fresh snip will keep them vibrant and standing tall!



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