Floral Decor Ideas for the Home, a Series! Part 1

Every home needs more flowers. That’s not an opinion, it’s a fact! We put together a few of our favorite ways to bring the beauty of blooms into your home in our Floral Decor Ideas for the Home Series.


Part 1: Change Up that Tablescape

Let’s start with a few ways to spruce up your tabletops!

Turn it upside down

Need more space on your table for food and games? Raise your decor up by building a hanging vase out of bottles, dangling a birdcage of blooms, or suspending bunches of curated stems upside down from a ceiling mount. That last idea is an excellent drying method!

Make it art

Have an old teacup and saucer laying around, maybe two? Affix those bad boys together in a waterfall structure and let the flowers start rolling down those steps. Love how that candle smells, hate how it looks? Carefully arrange dainty stocks all the way around the candle container. Keep the top blooms below the rim, using twine, make a few loops around the base and simply tie it. Vioala! Using found objects in your DIY flower decor is a quick and cost-effective way to add your unique style and flare.

A snack for the eyes

While there are several lovely varieties of edible flowers, we are thinking about weaving DIY floral arrangements together with charcuterie boards and other smorgasbord setups! To create an interactive centerpiece that won’t soon be forgotten, nestle some small bowls between the foliage and blooms of a low and loosely arranged centerpiece, we are picturing Eucalyptus and Ranunculus! Just before your event fill your bowls with dips, spreads, and fun finger foods for a quick charmer!

From elegant dried hanging centerpieces to side table snack bowls, the addition of flowers can bring extra life to any table setup!


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