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Garden Roses, Ranunculus, Anemones, Fillers... All the colors you'd want in your ice cream, home, and milestone events.

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An ethical approach to beauty.

Our flowers aren’t just easy on the eyes. They’re easy on the planet too. We exclusively work with farms that hold the highest sustainability standards. Doing good isn’t just a nice-to-have. From where we stand, it’s the whole damn business.

Our approach


DIY Floral Boxes of the season

DIY Flower Boxes ofthe Season.

Check out our selection of DIY flowers for the season. It box comes with a recipe that's specially curated by our designers so you can really make something stunning.

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DIY Flowers

We exist for the doers anddo-gooders.

Creative people who want to create beautiful floral designs and take care of our planet and it’s people at the same time.

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Suzzanne Zingg

"I’m practically in tears thinking of the sweet people who harvested these gorgeous flowers for me. It feels so personal as I unwrap each bundle."


Florals By Pavlova

Anemones / Ranunculus

"Color is magical, so beautiful. Quality of Runis (Ranunculus): Excellent"


Mai Ha

Bulk flowers

"I just got home and saw the flowers delivered. Thank you very much. The flower's quality and selections are amazing."


Renee Levy

Bulk Flowers

"Just want to say how fabulous these flowers are--by far the best bulk flowers I've ever purchased from the Internet in terms of size and quality. Outstanding."


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4 Pro Tips to take Your Arrangement to Another Level 

The only way to learn is to simply do. However, our designers love to chat about what works for them and what doesn’t. Here’s a couple of lessons they want to pass on to people engaging with the craft for the first time.

Bouquets-All-Day: 3 Bouquet Shapes to Know

When creating a bouquet, think of them as personas. People tend to focus on the color, but the shape is what really gives a bouquet its character and creates a mood.

Up close and personal: Ranunculus

These flowers with their round shape and endless petals can perk up any room. When they arrive, your blooms will be fairly closed but once they have some fresh water, they’re quick to open and dazzle with their charm and beauty! If you can’t decide on a color, now you don’t have to. Check out a wide range of colors that are being grown on the farm for the perfect rainbow medley!

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