Mastering the Hand-Tied Bouquet

This bouquet is the epitome of order and structure. It’s perfectly round and creates a perfectly even and concentric spiral of stems that you suspect would spark joy for Marie Kondo.


Up close and personal: Ranunculus

These flowers with their round shape and endless petals can perk up any room. When they arrive, your blooms will be fairly closed but once they have some fresh water, they’re quick to open and dazzle with their charm and beauty! If you can’t decide on a color, now you don’t have to. Check out a wide range of colors that are being grown on the farm for the perfect rainbow medley!


The Anemone

Let's get up close and personal with the anemone. She's sweet but also sassy. Often mistaken for a poppy, she has delicate petals and a unique blue-black center. Her curvy neck gives her just the right touch of whimsy that will have your bouquet or centerpiece popping!


4 tricks to take your arrangement to another level

The only way to learn is to simply do. However, our designers love to chat about what works for them and what doesn’t. Here’s a couple of lessons they want to pass on to people engaging with the craft for the first time.


5 Color Palette Tricks to Elevate Your Floral Design

Excited to begin designing but stuck on picking your color palette? Here are some handy tips to make sure your palette will always be a hit.


3 Best Hacks for Getting Flowers to Your Event

You’ve done all of the hard work and now you’re playing floral tetris trying to cram your beautiful work into a car trunk. Before the tears and flower rage kicks in, try o ut these pro tricks.


The Rundown on Ethical Flowers

We understand that you want to use your purchasing power to reflect your values. However, shopping ethically can be complicated. Here are some key tenets to consider when making purchases that help support sustainable sourcing: Buy local when you can; grow your own flowers; or supplement with your own backyard items. These steps support local economies and reduce your carbon footprint.


Bouquets-All-Day: 3 Bouquet Shapes to Know

When creating a bouquet, think of them as personas. People tend to focus on the color, but the shape is what really gives a bouquet its character and creates a mood.


The Ultimate Floral Planning Checklist

So you’ve decided to do florals for an event. It’s your first time. It seemed like a great idea, but now you’re not so sure. Should you A) start hyperventilating, B) cancel and say you made other plans, or C) get it together and remember that you know how to get things done.

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